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What is the average size of your clones?

Our baby rooted plugs are 8-12 inches. Our quart cup or “teen” size runs 12-16 inches. We will have a larger 1+ gallon “ready to flip” size available soon.


What steps do you take to prevent pests, bacteria, and disease in your clones?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a philosophy we don’t take lightly. Our theme is clean. In addition to our comprehensive nutrients, our Cannabis plants are on a natural IPM. We start from the bottom up to ensure lab-quality cleanliness throughout our 30,000 sqft facility. Every day, our plant techs don protective wear while they are hands-on and actively working with our plants. We utilize top-notch equipment, paired with first class attention to detail, to uphold consistent quality standards. Our policies foster strict biosecurity that ensures medical quality and standard is present from the start.


I prefer Rockwool over peat moss plugs; can I order my Summit Genetics clones in Rockwool?

Though our growers typically use peat moss for clones, we are always happy to plant in Rockwool! In preparing your order, let our sales team know which you prefer, and we’ll have it ready for you. Please allow 7-10 business days for Rockwool clones to be ready.


How long does it take for your clones to start flowering?

Flowering cycles differ among strain varieties. We have varieties ranging from 7-11 weeks of flower cycle in our current lineup. All of our clones, regardless of size, leave the facility fully integrated with comprehensive nutrients. This ensures they are ready to plant at their new homes immediately, getting you to flower that much sooner!


What is your delivery schedule/how do I retrieve my order?

Our facility is located near Downtown Tulsa. For orders submitted by 3pm, pickup is typically available the next day. We do offer delivery, available as early as the same day if you're within one hour of our facility. Please allow additional shipping and handling time for bulk orders or orders more than one hour away. Additional fees may apply, so check with your rep for delivery specials. If you're picking up, the order must be received by a licensed transport representative for the purchasing business only.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, or cashiers check. Complete payment is due on receipt. Partial payment may be required for preorders, bulk orders, special orders, or deliveries.

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