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Our happy, healthy clones are available for sale now! See our inventory sheet below to see what's on the current lineup. To confirm availability, contact our Sales Team.


Strain Type


Grown in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our clones are harvested with flowering structure and size in mind. We ensure our clones have a healthy amount of nodes and limbs, and are uniform in height for a faster and easier canopy training period during flower.

Hand-Picked Strains

With a highly selective eye for genetics, our focus is providing a variety of strong and healthy cannabis plants that succeed from seed to sale. Our current lineup of strains is being curated specifically for its dynamic cannabinoid profiles, vibrant colors, and range of effective potencies. 

Customized Nutrients

The mothers at Summit Genetics are potted in a coconut coir-based soil with organic compounds to ensure proper development of the terpenoid structure before clones are harvested.  Once harvested, we introduce a custom nutrient regimen to the plants for a rapid rooting effect.

Personalized Care

We believe a strong connection between staff and plant is vital. The amount of time each technician spends with the plants is staggering, but their love and dedication is evident in every plant we care for. Much of our staff uses Cannabis for their own medical treatment, and they advocate for the education and proper use of the medicine.

Easy Adaptation

Clones can be purchased either in rooting trays or rooted into small quart pots. This ensures the cultivator has the ability to adapt the clones to any grow media or method. 

Delivery and pickup from our Tulsa location are available through Summit Genetics.
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